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Automated Accountability for Franchised Restaurant Marketing

Build, deploy and track locally-executed marketing campaigns that won’t be overlooked by your organizations or their store teams.

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Get Tasks Done

Tasks are delivered at the right time, to the right person, at the right location.

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Insured Accountability

Reminders are sent to insure things get done. Escalations are sent as a backup.

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Visual Tasks

Tasks are more than just text. Provide lists, links and images (coming soon).

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Automated Notifications

Set up a series of tasks and let the automation take its course.

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Full History

Get a quick glance of task progress, or detailed reports for each user.

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Effective Execution

Get more done with clear tasks, reminders, and planning tools.

Built for your workflow

Betterly's task management system provides your team the flexibility to create re-usable playbooks. And if you need to make a quick change to an active schedule of tasks, Betterly has you covered.

Boost engagement with timely SMS delivery and reminders

Tasks can be sent to one or multiple people. The first to claim the task becomes responsible. Daily reminders are sent for unclaimed tasks. Wait too long and unfinished task notifications are observing to the appropriate team member.

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Make your team successful with clear goals sent directly to them

Each day, team members check a simple dashboard to see available tasks to claim and tasks to complete. Task details are rich, providing more clarity on what needs to be done. To complete a task, you can set custom questions to be asked to insure proper execution.

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Keep everyone informed of progress, in real-time

Roll out & track system-wide local marketing campaigns. Get a complete picture of your restaurant-level marketing efforts. Establish effectiveness metrics for campaigns. Give your GMs the tools they need to earn sales-based bonuses.

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